Sponges (1500 pieces), glue gun
16.7  x  44.8  x  16.5  in
42.5  x  114  x  42  cm

The work is exploring potential of sponges as a new medium. Sponges are unobtrusive material which is imperceptibly used in everyday life. However, they could be found in their own beauty as bright colourful industrial material. Sponges as mass produced thing have their own particular qualities in slight difference between each other depend on different batches. In the work were used only commercially available colours of sponges from one company. Colours were used intentionally in their original order of how they are usually coming in packaging. Such automatically manufactured order generate peculiar colour pattern. The shape of the object was chosen depend on authentic shape of the package of sponges and represent rectangular, oblong and low simple form divided into a few sections. Beauty in colour relations and simplicity of shape of the common machine made material are the keys of the work.
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