Daria is a Moscow based artist whose practice lies in the field of the synthetic colours that can be found in the urban environment. The aim of the artist is to immerse the viewer in the artificial colours, to give an opportunity to consciously see the colours that surround us on a regular basis, and to feel their beauty and peculiar aesthetics. Artist works in various media and materials for artworks could diverse from sponges to video.
In every new project artist is trying to collaborate with the colour and to give it a chance to speak through the art. Thus, in work with the sponges, Daria used colour schemes from the packaging without changing its order to get a certain pattern. For the video works artist used special technique of filming and montage to make the viewer perceive surroundings in a new way, to notice colours and their dynamics and rhythm.
Daria takes part in collaborative exhibitions regularly, in this way artist had chance to exhibit in the Museum of Moscow in 2016. In 2018 Daria obtained BA (Hons) degree and year later artist became a member of the creative union of artists of Russia.

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