4k (3840 x 2160 pixels)
Up to 10 minutes long
The work is based on synthetic colour which could be met in the urban environment on daily basis and uses video as medium. The main idea of the work is expect to create new artificial impressions based on the colour perception and make the situations in which the surrounding colours insensibly change around the observer. By projecting colours it is supposed to achieve an effect of the environment with dynamically changing colours in which the origin of the video source is not clear, but the movement of colours make sense that the viewer already saw it somewhere in the city. By using colours from the urban illuminations it is adhered to the concept of the city life where the viewer often meet artificial colours the purpose of which is to attract attention of the citizens.
The work was created by recording everything bright and colourful on the camera during dark part of the day, everything that is shining in darkness, when the night is veiling natural and at the same time reveals artificial and disclose the dynamics of the city as it is. During filming there was used blurring effect the purpose of which is to drag accent from street details to the colour. Subsequently, using the technology of video editing the dynamics of the change was highlighted as well as the act of different colours of illumination could be clearly traced. In this case, the blurring makes the colours more noticeable and changes attention from the essence of the event to a sense of colour dynamics and how colours change over time. The grid on the video is used to accentuate on mechanical and artificial look of the colour and also highlights the pulse and the rhythm of the city.

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